The clinic is open Monday through Friday 8 am - 3 pm with re-exam appointments available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We have very limited waiting room space.  Please call 301-977-9169 when you arrive for an appointment to make certain the examination room is ready. 


If you need to order allergy vaccine, oral or topical medications, or Cytopoint, please click on the jotform link below.  You can submit multiple orders all on one submission form.  All vaccine orders received during the week are processed no later than Friday morning and available after 1 pm.  If a vaccine is to be shipped, it will be sent the following week.  If our staff does not contact you within one business day of an order submission, please call us.



Note: Dr. Jeffers is permanently no longer accepting new patients but will continue to provide uninterrupted care for existing, actively-managed patients.  To find a veterinary dermatologist in your area, visit www.acvd.org.




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